2021 Viborg 50 and 100 Km

Viborg 50 and 100 Km, Denmark

Race name:  Viborg 50 and 100 Km

Race place and date:  Viborg Denmark, June 5th 2021

Race distance and label:  50 km and 100 km, bronze label


On a very warm day 48 funners for 100 km and 30 for 50 km started the race around the lake Søndersø in Viborg, Denmark. The route is 5,688 km long, so approx. 17,5 laps for the 100K runners and 8,75 laps for the 50K runners. During the race the weather play key role, the runners were very aware of the warm conditions and adapted their pace accordingly however we still had few DNF’s and luckly none of them due to “overheating”.

The 100K distance was also for the 6th consecutive edition of the Danish Championship.

This year there were international runners from Denmark, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Germany and Portugal. This contributes to great performance for both races. 

Race results

100 K Male Top 3 Results Danish Championship

1. Mads Karlsson 7.40.14

2. Lau Brüniche-Olsen 8.10.19

3. Ivan Luca Corda 8.16.15

100 K Female Top 3 Results Danish Championship

1. Lotte Grindeskov Andersen 9.00.46

2. Mette Sommer Fritze 9.07.24

3. Katja Bjerre 9.18.22

50 K Male Top 3 Results

1. Morten Thye 3.18.38

2. Kristian Jørgensen 3.33.06

3. Jakob Vinther 3.42.33

 50 K Male Top 3 Results

1. Helle Blak Petersen 3.42.50

2. Marie Cordt 3.53.17

3. Borgarhjørt Holm 4.39.38

List of all results

Prepare by: Bjarni Rom-Jensen, Race Director


100 km podiet mænd DM
100 km podiet mænd DM
100km podie kvinder DM
100km podie kvinder DM
50 km podie kvinder
50 km podie kvinder
50 km podiet mænd
50 km podiet mænd

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