2021 Penglai Eight Immortals Ultramarathon

General info

Race name:  2021 Penglai Eight Immortals Ultramarathon

Race place and date:  Zenyang Gate, Penglai, Yantai, Shandong Province, CHINA; April 11, 2021

Race distance and label:  50K, Bronze Label


This is first edition of Penglai Eight Immortals Ultramarathon held at Penglai Yantai on April 11, 2021. Approximately 3000 participants registered. Besides local runners, there are 500 participants from other area of China who passed healthy and epidemic inspection. The 50 KM Group has a 7 hours’ time limit closing. 

Photos on Start & End.

Runners’ presentation

The male 50km group was led by WANG Ping, a 29-year-old male runner, who is from Qingdao Li Cang Zone. He starts his marathon race at the age of 19, and has owned a few champion title of races, such as 2019 Wenling 6 hours race and 2019 Fenghua Marathon and 2019 Ningbo Marathon and 2019 Jixi Marathon. He said: "This is my first time to participate in this event. I think the runner service is very good, the audience is very enthusiastic, and the scenery along the route is beautiful; the back course was a little bit difficult, but I don’t feel very tired after race. Lots of volunteer, referee, journalists, policeman and audience companied us in the rain. I think I will introduce to my friends to know this race, maybe making a broadcasting live in Qingdao."

The female 50km group was led by ZHOU Lin., she starts to attend Marathon 4 years ago, were the winner of 2020 Dalian 100 trial race 23km category, and the 8th place in the 2020 Chongli 168 Trail race. She said: “I am a new comer in running, only own a few years’ experience. I don’t have any professional experiences; I just love running. Penglai is my hometown, so I chose to join 50km race. The supply items in the aid station were very good.    As the local citizen, I feel honored to get this trophy in my hometown. Running is easy, but insisting to run may not be.”

The runner ran through an aid station.

The courses scenic from the sky view.

Race results


1. WANG, PING (CHN) 03:13:07

2. CHENG, LI-BO (CHN) 03:17:26

3. WANG, DE-XING (CHN) 03:21:44


1. ZHOU, LIN (CHN) 03:52:36       

2. LV, YAN-ZHEN (CHN) 04:08:36

3. WU, XIAO-NA (CHN) 04:15:22 


50 KM Male Champion: WANG Ping;

50 KM Female Champion: ZHOU Lin.


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IAU Communication Committee

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