2021 Elton Salt Ultra

Elton Salt Ultra 201 km the IAU Bronze Label race

Elton Salt Ultra 201 km the IAU Bronze Label race

The race will take place on 20-21 August 2021 in Elton village, Volgograd region, Russia.

Elton Ultra is the longest Russian ultramarathon in the semi-desert zone - 201 km. The distance called Elton Salt Ultra is located in Volgograd region by the border of Kazakhstan. Environmental conditions and nature are specific features of the race. The race takes place in sweltering heat in semi-desert zone with a dry gusty wind, around the salty lake Elton. The temperature difference during the race is more than 30 degrees Celsius (from +45 C during the day to +15 C at night). The distance is located on the territory of a national park, which protected by UNESCO. The race surface consists of 15 % of roads and 85 % of tracks. The distance is mostly flat with few acclivities. The race course includes 2 laps around lake Elton. In 2019 Elton Ultra get the IAU Silver Label. In 2018 The same race was evaluated by ITRA and rewarded 6 points (scale 0-6). 

The start of the race will take place in specially launched camp with an area of 4 hectares and all the necessary infrastructure built up for Elton Ultra Event. Start scheduled for 17:00, August 21, 2021, the finish should be closed on August 22, 2021, until 21:00. Location of the race course and the Event is 350 km far from Volgograd Airport. A railway station is located at the village by the venue. Regular railway communication is organized with different cities and regions of the Russian Federation. Food and support points for runners will be provided throughout all distances. Food and drink points will be on the way each 7 km of the distance. 

Athletes presentation:

Top and well-known athletes are going to participate.

Ionov Sergey (RU/GBR) completed the following races: London to Brighton 100km 2014, Jungle Marathon 260km (Amazon jungle, Brazil) 2014, Isle of Wight Challenge 106km (2nd place) 2015, Eiger Trail 100km (Swiss Alps) 2015, London to Cambridge 100km (1st place) 2015, Thames Path 100km (1st place) 2015, Diagonale des fous 160km 10,000+ (Reunion island) 2015, Marathon des sables 250km 2016, Spartathlon 2016, Grand Union Canal Race (1st place) 2017, Grand Union Canal Race (2nd place) 2018, Badwater 2018Badwater Ultramarathon (USA), EcoTrail de Paris - Ile de France (FRA), Grand Union Canal Race 145 mile (GUCR) (GBR) 

Oleksander Slipets completed: Bojko Trail (UKR), Elton Ultra-Trail - Lost Lakes Ultra 2019- 205 km 8th  place (25:37:39), 100 Bukomile 180 km (mountain path 9800m high) in 49:24:03, Big Dog's Backyard World Championship - 207.870 km. (7th place)

Maksim Kerzhner - Lavaredo Ultra Trail

An athlete is allowed to register for this race only after confirming his/her experience of participation in ultramarathons (at least one ultramarathon 100 km+ finished within the last 18 months)

Entry fee is 10 000 Russian Rubles (appx. 112 Euro). Only 80 athletes are allowed for this distance. Time limit for the race is 28 hours.

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