2020 Soochow International Ultramarathon Webinar

2020 Soochow International Ultramarathon Webinar

To cope with COVID-19 the 2020 Soochow International Ultramarathon, the 20th anniversary of the event, shall be transformed into an online seminar covering topics of

  1. a) Ultra-marathon related research
  2. b) How under the current pandemic we can best manage our health in mental, physical, and social aspects?


We hope this webinar will serve as a continuation of the spirit of Soochow International Ultra-marathon and in providing new directions for health management in the face of the rampant world-wide pandemic.


Soochow University, Taipei, Taiwan

Supervisory Committee

Sports Administration, Ministry of Education, Chinese Taipei Association of Ultra-runners


28th November - 5 December


Sports Science on Ultra-marathon, and Health Management in post-Pandemic Era


Invited speaker

Soochow 24hr ultramarathon 20 years anniversary

Dr. Pan Wei-da,

President of Soochow University

The developing status of global ultrarunning

Dr. Nadeem Khan

President of IAU

Running Medicine in Taiwan: 20 Years of Ultra-marathon Research (part 1)

Dr. Kao Wei-fong, MD,

Taipei Medical University hospital

Running Medicine in Taiwan: 20 Years of Ultra-marathon Research (part 2)

Dr. Yu-Chiu Chiu,MD

Mckay memorial hospital, Taipei

Running for Brain!! Acute Exercise Volume on Cognitive Function in Older Adults with ApoE ε4

Prof. Yu-Kai Chang,

National Normal University

How does CTAU host the ultraraces under the threat of Covid-19?

Mr. Frank Kuo ,

President of Chinese Taipei Association of Ultrarunners

Is Ultramarathon safe? How to run longer and farther?

Prof. Chen Yun-chun,

Yang-ming medical University

What is the optimal physical activity for health and against COVID 19?

Associate Prof. Huang Sen-Fang,

Tzu Chi University

Training for 24-hour Peak Performances around the Globe

Dr. Edit Berces

Formal world 24hr record holder




Fill out the entry form at https://forms.gle/x9gAHMq8fHxUcWWL7

You will receive a set of login account/password and URL of webinar after you registered in a couple of days.



Frank Kuo,frank.kuo@scu.edu.tw


2020 Soochow International Ultramarathon Webinar

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