Kateryna Katiushcheva passed away

Kateryna Katiushcheva passed away. It is with great sadness that we have lost our friend Kateryna Katiushcheva.

Kateryna was fantastic runner and great person. We will always remember her for kindness and great smile. She was part of Ukraine National Team and proudly represented her country on numbers of IAU Championships. She won several races from 50 km up to 24H races. She was not only a runner but successful triathlete as well participating in the long distance competitions.

On one of here interview she said:

“Believe in your strength and do not listen to anyone. If you want to run, run! Even if something goes wrong, at least you tried.” – Katya Katyusheva "Iron Girl"

We will miss you.

Kateryna was one of the top ultra athletes on the Ukrainian National Team who never missed an opportunity to proudly represent her country at the IAU Championships. We could always count on her grit and determination at the championships. She was one of the athletes on the team that I counted as a good friend. I will miss her ever present smiling face at our events. Rest in Peace KaterynaNadeem Khan, IAU President

On behalf of the IAU our thoughts are with Kateryna ´s family and the Ukrainian ultrarunning family during these very difficult times.

Jacek Bedkowski
IAU Director of Communication

Kateryna Katiushcheva in Brasov 2018
Kateryna Katiushcheva
Kateryna Katiushcheva

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