2019 IAU 24 Hour World Championship � FEF completed

2019 IAU 24 Hour World Championship – FEF completed. We are getting closer to 2019 IAU 24H World Championships that will take place in Abli, France. The Final Entry Forms were provided by Member Federations to the LOC, this means we can now share some interesting facts.

Based on provided data we are expecting to have 353 Athletes from 44 countries (37 for women and 43 for men). This is 23% improvement comparing to last Championship in Belfast in 2017. With respect of individual distribution it will be 149 women and 204 men. It is another improvement comparing to last Championships of almost 16% and over 28% respectively. This is not all !!! We are expecting to have almost 200 officials coming together with the Teams and additionally over 60 members of supporting crews. Albi will be great number of people involved in the event closing to almost 650 directly participating in the Championships.

We look forward to seeing you in Albi in October.

Jacek Bedkowski

IAU Director of Communication

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