Continental Records � provisional list of records

Continental Records – provisional list of records. Following on from our last communication on Continental Records we would like to take a step forward and share with you the outcome of the work done so far on this initiative. As communicated earlier the goal is to absolute the Continental Records for 24H, 50K and 100K ensuring that they are all up to date. We as an organization believe that this is a great opportunity to further develop ultra-running not only globally but also in the localized regions.

Starting from April 1st the Team collected and processed lots of data to move this project forward and we are now in position to consolidate the provisional list of Continental Records. You can find the list attached here or click picture below.

If there is any claim for results that were not taken into consideration please contact the Records Committee by sending an email to
Please provide your feedback and data to support the claim no later than August 25th 2019.

Official approval for the first list of continental records will be completed in Romania during the IAU 50 km World Championship (September 1st).

To give validity to future records they must meet the same requirements as the World Best Performance (WBP) or World Record.

On behalf of IAU Records Committee

Jacek Bedkowski
IAU Director of Communication

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