IAU Nordic Challenge Trophy

IAU Nordic Challenge Trophy. Only 3 weeks remain before the inaugural IAU Nordic Challenge. Those from the Nordic Countries will compete for the IAU Nordic Challenge Trophy, which will be held within the 6hrs Kokkola Ultra Run, an IAU Bronze labelled event, on May 18th 2019.

Jesper Kenn Olsen the Danish National Coach has made the following observations.

“Its great to see this new IAU-initiative in Scandinavia ,it is an good opportunity to develop our talents and to show that we are part of the IAU community. I hope to see the event grow in the future and become a permanent fixture in the calendar”

Photo: Jesper Kenn Olsen (first from left) with Danish Team at IAU 100 km WC in Croatia in 2018

This regional Challenge is a new IAU initiative and it is still not too late to enter at www.kokkolaultrarun.fi

How to get to the event (see picture below)

I am sure the Challenge will be a success and other regions within Europe may wish to evaluate the possibility of promoting their own regional Challenge with support from the IAU.

Walter Hill
European Representative for the IAU

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