IAU 100 km European Championship - no bids for 2019

IAU 100 km European Championship - no bids for 2019. With respect of IAU 100 km European Championship we were trying to get interest from our European Federations to work with us on the Championships for this year. However, after 18 months of extensive searches, we did not get any official applications to host this championship in 2019.

Foto: Aneta Mikulska (www.anetamikulska.com)

There were several activities including direct contact with potential LOC, race directors and Federations. We posted advertisements on our website and social media but, unfortunately, this did not result in any potential applications.

At this point in the year, athletes in Europe need to know the current status is so they can plan for the rest of the year as indeed our IAU Federations who would have sent teams. This is why we are now making the announcement that we have closed this year bids for IAU 100 km European Championship.

However, our European athletes are fortunate that we will be having 3 World Championships in Europe this year. The Trail World Championships in Portugal starts the season in June, followed by 50 km World Championships in Romania at the beginning of September and finally 24 Hour World Championships in France in October. All these major events will be hosted by European Federations

In the next days we will share with you more information on the remaining timeframe for bids for years 2020-2023.

Jacek Bedkowski
IAU Director of Communication

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