IAU Asia & Oceania 24 hour Championships

IAU Asia & Oceania 24 hour Championships. It is our great pleasure to announce that IAU Asia & Oceania 24 Hour Championships will take place on December 1st 2018. The 18th edition of the Soochow International 24 Hours race will be the host of the championship.

Since the first edition of the race in 1999, Soochow University has hosted this 24 hours race with passion and persistence. Every year the race has complemented local elite runners with international ones. However this time they will take step forward and would like to invite all Asia and Oceania Member Federations to participate in the event. The unique atmosphere encourages the runners to exert themselves to the maximum to run further and LOC together with others supporting the event will do their best to maintain this.

The race has seen in the past two world best performances, 3 continental and more than 12 national best performances. The race records of 285 km for men and 255 km for women are outstanding performances by any standard. Three times an IAU gold label event is a symbol of glory to the volunteer students and faculty of Soochow University. But they are still expecting more gold label awards to come.

Jacek Bedkowski

Chair of the IAU Communication Committee

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