2018 IAU 24H European Championship -measurement of the course

2018 IAU 24H European Championship - measurement of the course. It is our great pleasure to share with you the official measurement of the course for the 2018 IAU 24 Hour European Championships. The race will take place on May 26-27, 2018 in Timisoara, Romania, in “Ion Creanga” Children’s Park (address: 20, Bulevardul Revolutiei din 1989).

The course is one loop of 1222,48 meter, on a uniform floor consisting of paved slabs placed joint on a bed of sand and lit during night time. The park is prohibited to vehicles. On the loop there will be two hydration/refreshment points (providing water, glucose, electrolytes, fruit, pretzels, chocolate, hot meals etc.). Course

The report from the measurement (including pictures from the course) is provided here.

Jacek Bedkowski

Chair of the IAU Communication Committee


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