IAU Athletes Commission

IAU Athletes Commission. The IAU is delighted to announce that they have formed an Athletes Commission to meet the needs of its members.This Commission is a forward thinking and advisory body that acts as an advocate for all athletes’ of the National Federations that are affiliated to the IAU. It deals, among other things, with all issues raised by athletes and liaises as and when deemed necessary with the IAU Council.

We are now in the final stages of gathering members for this Commission. We want to ensure there will be fair representation from each of the regions affiliated to the IAU and each of the athletic disciplines that the IAU governs. Members of the Commission will represent the voice of all our members. They will be selected for 2 year period until IAU 2020 Congress.

The final list of members will be communicated later on our website and social media.

On behalf of IAU

Walter Hill Jacek Bedkowski

IAU European Area Representative IAU Director of Communication

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