2018 IAU Asia& Oceania 24H Championship - prerace report

2018 IAU Asia& Oceania 24H Championship pre-pace report. 2018 IAU Asia& Oceania 24H Championship will be held at Taipei, Taiwan on December 1 st – 2 nd . The LOC is Soochow University who hosts the prestigious Soochow 24h race. This will be the 18th edition of Soochow 24H race in conjunction with continental championship race. The OM is the Chinese Taipei Association of Ultrarunners.

The start moment of 2017 Soochow 24h race

There are eight IAU Member Federation that will take part of the championship. There will be 21 Women and 25 Men representing Australia, Chinese Taipei, Japan, India, Jordon, Mongolia, New Zealand and Philippine. Eight countries’ participation is the record number on this event. Jordon and India’s ultrarunners will have their premiere in Asia & Oceania 24H Championship. In total, 65 runners (including open race) will take part in the race.

Team Japan lead by Ishikawa, the champion of 2017 IAU 24H World Championship hold in Belfast, is no doubt the strongest team. Japan runners’ personal best are all over IAU international standard. Ishikawa is also the winner of 2017 Soochow 24H race. There are more elite runners in the open race that will make the race even more competitive, include a young and talent Ivan Lopez from Spain who run 273KM this June, the winner of 2017 Gobi challenge Daniel Lawson, the current Sweden record holder, Johan Steene, Oborne, the winner of 2016 Soochow 24H race and France top runner Ruel.

The Championship starting list is provided under following link (click picture below).

The real time results can be seen at http://bao-ming.com/2018scu during the race which starts at 9 am on December 1st 2018.

Jacek Bedkowski

IAU director of Communication

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