IAU Para-Athletes Committee

IAU Para-Athletes CommitteeFollowing our vision “Global opportunities for full and equal participation and quality competition in ultradistance races for all athletes from every athletic federation. Fair and professional governance of the sport” we wish to address our commitments towards all athletes.

The IAU shall strive to ensure that no racial, religious, political or other kind of discrimination be allowed in Ultrarunning and take all practicable measures to stop such discrimination. The IAU strives to continue and improve our internal regulations and processes and to that effect we have are set up a committee to meet the needs of all stakeholders. The Committees’ primary focus will be to address the needs of impaired athletes and establish an inclusive policy that will meet their needs.

If you are interested and would like to contribute towards a forward thinking policy group please make contact by sending email to Robert Boyce IAU Vice President / Director of Finances and Marketing Robert.Boyce@iau-ultramarathon.org and Jacek Bedkowski IAU Director of Communication Jacek.Bedkowski@iau-ultramarathon.org

Jacek Bedkowski

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