Election for IAU Americas Area Representative � second round

Election for IAU Americas Area Representative – second round. At the deadline for casting votes for the IAU Area Representative for the Americas, we had only received five votes. This was insufficient to elect an Area Representative on the first round. Therefore, according to Article 13.10 of our constitution, the first vote for any election requires an absolute majority. In this case, an absolute majority would be seven as there are 13 IAU Federations in the Americas and all are available for an electronic election. A second vote amongst all the candidates is therefore required and a candidate will be elected if they get a simple majority on that occasion. If two candidates tie then Article 13.11 comes into force and we will require third round.

The candidate CVs are attached here or click picture below. The deadline for the second vote is Tuesday 23rd October midnight GMT.

Please register your vote and remember to send your votes to Hilary Walker and the two scrutineers Lennart Berkman and Norbert Madry in the copy as mentioned in the email sent to all concern Federations.

Jacek Bedkowski

Director of Communication

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