Final results Belfast 24H WC

(Update August 18) Final results file for the IAU 24H World Championships, Belfast

August 18 (update)
Jury of appeal in cooperation with the LOC and referees looked carefully at all the remarks that came in after the publication of the results below.
It takes time, sorry for that but the final results should be results that have considered all remarks and claims.
Within one week the final results will be ready and published.

Jury of Appeal
Liesbeth Jansen
IAU Director of Organisations

Please see the attached files regarding the final results for the IAU 24H World Championships held in Belfast on 1st-2nd July.

the comprehensive xls spreadsheet

a letter from us

Again our sincere apologies for the time keeping issues and the delay in providing the results. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Hilary Walker
IAU Secretary

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