Post race 24hour World Champs 2017

Ishikawa and Bereznowska win at the 12th IAU 24 Hour World Championships.The 12th IAU 24 Hour World Championships took place on July 1-2 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Yoshihiko Ishikawa (JPN) and Patrycja Bereznowska (POL) won the individual titles with distances of 267.566km and 258.339km respectively. Bereznowska´s distance is a World´s Best Performance pending ratification. Japan won the men´s team title and United States of America won the women´s team title.

The 12th IAU 24 Hour World Championships took place in Belfast, Northern Ireland on July 1-2. The event was run on a 1.65km course.

In the men´s event, Yoshihiko Ishikawa (JPN) won the men´s event in 267.566km. He was followed by Johan Steene (SWE) in 2nd place with a distance of 266.515km. Sebastian Bialobrzeski (POL) finished in the bronze medal position in 265.535km.

Early on in the race Radek Brunner (CZE) took the early lead putting in a fast pace and then relinquished it to Tamas Rudolf for a great chunk of the time through the night. Ishikawa moved through the course through the early morning hours to cement his lead in the front in the 22nd hour to become the world champion.

In the women´s race, Patrycja Bereznowska (POL) won running a distance of 258.339km. The distance run by Bereznowska is a World´s Best Performance (pending ratification). She was followed by Aleksandra Niwinska (POL) with a distance of 251.078km. Katalin Nagy (USA) finished in 3rd place running 248.970km.

Nagy had taken the early lead banking on her speed with Bereznowska running a lap behind the 2015 world champion. As the race continued in the night Bereznowska who paced her race perfectly went by Nagy. Niwisnka ran a great second half moving into second place passing Gina Slaby (USA) and Pam Smith (USA) in the process.

In the team´s competition, Japan won the men´s division with a combined distance of 783.159km followed by Poland in second with 763.630km and United States of America in third running 755.458km. In the women´s division, United States of America won the team title with 740.856km. Poland finished second with 740.234km and Germany third in 689.622km.

Nadeem Khan

IAU Vice President



1. Yoshihiko Ishikawa (JPN) 267.566km

2. Johan Steene (SWE) 266.515km

3. Sebastian Bialobrzeski (POL) 265.535km

4. Nobuyuki Takahashi (JPN) 264.506km

5. Stephane Ruel (FRA) 258.425km


1. Patrycja Bereznowska (POL) 258.339km

2. Aleksandra Niwinska (POL) 251.078km

3. Katalin Nagy (USA) 248.970km

4. Gina Slaby (USA) 248.276km

5. Pam Smith (USA) 243.611km

Men´s Teams:

1. Japan 783.159km

2. Poland 763.630km

3. United States of America 755.458km

4. Hungary 752.867km

5. France 752.813km

Women´s Teams:

1. United States of America 740.856km

2. Poland 740.234km

3. Germany 689.622km

4. Sweden 684.613km

5. Japan 658.904km

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