24H world Championships 2017

24H World Championships Results update and progress.This is to inform you about the progress with the review of the laptimes from the 24H World Championships in Belfast on 1st/2nd July.

After the deadline had passed for appeals, a meeting between the LOC, Championchip Ireland and the Jury of Appeal local member was held last Friday afternoon to consider queries raised by team managers and athletes around the World24 Provisional Results. As a result, it was felt that further analysis of all the data needs to be carried out using data from a number of sources.

This has been done with a further meeting yesterday. We now have a repaired table of laptimes which we will be scrutinizing by the Jury of Appeal and Referee before final agreement and publishing. This will be done as quickly as is practically possible. We continue with our profuse apologies for the delay.

Hilary Walker

IAU General Secretary
11th July 2017

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