The Winners of the Career Award

The Winners of the Career Award. . Christophe Rochotte, Norman Wilson

1) Christophe Rochotte: Christophe was a regular at our IAU Championship events until he passed away two years back at the French 24 Hour Championships. He was a journalist working for VO2 and always gave ultrarunning a fair coverage working from all angles.

A constant presence at the events, he knew the athletes and also very knowledgeable on their performances. Also, he was a member of this very Career Committee as well.

2) Norman Wilson: Norm was on Council for two terms and stepped down in his third term due to medical reasons. He was instrumental in bringing IAU and WMRA together at the two very successful Commonwealth Mountain and Ultradistance Running Championships 2009 and 2011.

Norm has been a member of the GBR selection committee and team management for a number of years. He has also a former winner of the Berlin Marathon.

Jacek Bedkowski
Chair of the IAU Communication Committee

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