Social Media

The news 1hr late is old news ! The sporting world is swiftly embracing the latest in technology and social media. Our Communications Committee is geared towards bringing cutting edge social outlets to the ultrarunning enthusiasts!

You will see several changes over the coming months. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and potentially other social media are on our radar.

What we are trying to do is to bring the news across different platforms and when it happens particularly from our IAU World Championships. We want you to feel that all necessary updates from our end are shared with you as soon as possible and the way is most convenient to all of you.

The Communication Committee is working very hard to institute several of these social media outlets to bring you the best in ultrarunning through many different avenues !

Feel free to join us on that journey.


Instagram: @iau_ultrarunning

On behalf of IAU

Jacek Bedkowski
Chair of IAU Communication Committee

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