IAAF RRC Meeting Oct 2017

IAAF Road Running Commission October 2017 – IAU Report. The IAU attended the IAAF Road Running Commission in Frankfurt in the days before the Frankfurt Marathon ( 26th/27th October 2017) and presented its six monthly report.

The IAU report for the last six month (March – October 2017) is attached here. The IAU Road Running Commission had discussions about IAAF technical details for road running on pacing, positioning of umpires and assistance. Also the recommendation accepted by Council on abolition of records for 15/20/30K but the new inclusion of 5k world records due to its popularity. New conditions for IAAF labels were discussed together with Branding and the review of IAAF advertising Regulations. Of considerable interest, was the IAAF initiation for a review of the relationships between the IAAF and the associate governing bodies, WMA, WMRA and the IAU. Trail events are also being discussed between IAAF, ITRA, WMRA and IAU.

The IAAF RRC meeting was followed by the European Running Business Conference sponsored by the European Athletics Federation with IAAF support. This was an excellent forum for experienced organisers – especially the larger marathons and other running business providers. Of particular interest were some of the technology start ups which demonstrated the continued impressive progress in IT of benefit to all stake holders, organisers, competitors, spectators and sponsors. See:-


and the full presentations can be found here:-


Hilary Walker

IAU General Secretary

28th October 2017

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