Fuxian Highland Ultramarathon results

Results from Fuxian Highland Ultramarathon 50km and 100km (updated with full results) . The Fuxian Highland Ultramarathon was held on Sept 30th 2017. The latest results are now on the website after the Chinese National Holiday

The race alongside having an IAU bronze label also served as a trial event for a future 50km World Championship event. The race was an exciting one with several close races. The course was scenic and undulating around the lake with the altitude at 1,700m to 1,900m so the race was tough - especially in the afternoon with abundant sunshine and little shade. Race perfornances reflected the conditions for the event but the athletes appreciated the well organised races.

Please find the results in the attached pdf.

They are also on http://www.kirens-cn.com/News_2017_3.html

Congratulations to all the winners and the participating athletes.

Nadeem Khan and Hilary Walker

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