Uncertainty 100km

Uncertainity About 100km World Championships This Year. We wanted to let our readers know the latest on the 100km World Championships this year.

After the Aspire Team dropped the idea to host the 100 km World Championships in Doha this year (to avoid misunderstandings: the IAU 50 km World Championships remain in place) we urgently had to go in search for another venue for our annual pinnacle event.

The Spanish project in Los Alcazares seemed to be the answer. In the short term,site visits have been planned to inspect the course and the logistic and accommodation facilities and agreements were reached with both the Spanish Federation and the LOC. The date preferred by the LOC was Nov 26th and we announced as such.

However upon further discussion with the national federation the exact date was still under consideration (last weekend of November or first weekend of December) as this was linked with the choice of the hotel(s).

But great was our surprise and disappointment when we were informed that the management of one of the major LOC protagonists (a high profile sports center which could also cater for accommodation) has been renewed and the new person in charge appears not to be in favor of the continuation of the project.

Fortunately we can rely on the energetic efforts from our colleague Paco Rico, who immediately started to explore another opportunity in the same region.

I sincerely hope that he will manage to terminate this mission in a successful way as this is our last hope to safeguard the 100 km World Championships this year.

We cross our fingers, fully support Paco and hope to come up with more positive news very soon!

Dirk Strumane
IAU President

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