Live Updates 100km World Championships

Live Updates IAU 100km World Championships. Here you will find the Live Updates for the IAU100km World Championships

The top ten ladies are now in and many congratulations to the Podium finishers in particular. The Gold medal goes to Kirstin Bull ( AUS) in 7 34.25. In silver medal position is Nikolina Sustic in 7:36:09 and in bronze position Joasia Zakrzewski (GBR) 7:41:47. The updated file is attached. We will provide a more classified result later.

I waited to bring you the first 20 male finishers which are attached in the latest update. Many congratulations to those finishers and in particular to our new World Champion Hideaki Yamauchi ( JPN) iin 6:18:22, Silver Medallist Bongmusa Mthembu (RSA) 6:24:05 and taking bronze Patrick Reagan ( USA) 6:35:42.. It looks as if RSA have taken team gold .......


Im off to the finish line to interview the finishers and protocol ceremonies... Hilary Walker will be taking over.


Update 4


Update 3


Update 2

11:41am: PDF copy of results


10:48am: After 60kms

Rufus Photo (RSA) 3:44:10
David Gatebe (RSA) 3:44:57
Gift Kehele (RSA) 3:44:57
Bongmusa Mthembu (RSA) 3:44:58
Hideaki Yamauchi (JPN) 3:45:06

10:22am: After 50kms

Rufus Photo (RSA) 3:05:49
Ludwick Mamabolo (RSA) 3:06:35
David Gatebe (RSA) 3:06:52
Gift Kehele (RSA) 3:06:52
Bongmusa Mthembu (RSA): 3:06:52


Kim Mulder (NED) 3:42:06
Jo Zakrzewski (GBR) 3:42:41
Kirstin Bull (AUS) 3:42:42
Nikolina Sustic (CRO) 3:43:24
Chiyui Mochizuki (JPN) 3:46:39

9:28am: After 40kms

Rufus Photo (RSA) 2:27:43
Ludwick Mamabolo (RSA) 12:27:51
David Gatebe (RSA) 2:30:01
Tatsuya Itagaki (JPN) 2:30:02
Bongmusa Mthembu (RSA) 2:30:02

Women After 40kms

Kim Mulder (NED) 2:56:28
Jo Zakrzewski (GBR) 2:58:05
Kirstin Bull (CRO) 2:58:39
Nikolina Sustic (CRO) 2:58:53
Chiyuki Mochizuki (JPN) 3:01:00

9:12am: After 30kms

Ludwick Mamabolo (RSA) 1:50:55
Rufus Photo (RSA) 1:50:55
David Gatebe (RSA) 1:53:59
Gift Kelehe (RSA) 1:53:20
Bongmusa Mthembu (RSA) 1:53:20

Top 5 women

Kim Mulder (NED) 2:12:00
Jo Zakrzewski (GBR) 2:13:249
Nikolina Sustic (CRO) 2:14:22
Kirstin Bull (CRO) 2:14:22
Chiyuki Mochizuki (JPN) 2:15:49

8:25am: After 20kms

Top 5 Men:

Ludwick Mamabolo (RSA) 1:14:09
Rufus Photo (RSA) 1:14:09
Bongmusa Mthembu (RSA) 1:15:52
David Gatebe (RSA) 1:15:52
Gift Kelehe (RSA) 1:15:52

Top 5 women

Kim Mulder (NED) 1:28:09
Jo Zakrzewski (GBR) 1:28:35
Kirstin Bull (AUS) 1:29:39
Nikolina Sustic (CRO) 1:29:53
Chiyuki Mochizuki (JPN) 1:30:48

7:53am: After 10kms

Top 5 men:

Rufus Photo (RSA) 37:15
Ludwick Mamabolo (RSA) 37:15
Gift Kelehe (RSA) 38:01
David Gatebe (RSA) 38:01
Bongmusa Mthembu (RSA) 38:01

Top 5 women

Jo Zakrzewski (GBR) 43:59
Kim Mulder (NED) 44:02
Kirstin Bull (AUS) 44:43
Nikolina Sustic (CRO) 44:57
Sophie Sundberg (SWE) 45:06

7:10am: Live Timing

7:05am: The athletes are on their 100km race now!

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Director of Communciations

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