Migliozzi and Kimayio win 2nd IAU 50km World Championships

Migliozzi and Kimayio win 2nd IAU 50km Wolrd Championships. The 2nd IAU 50km World Championships were organized on Nov 11th in Doha, Qatar. The second edition of the championships were run on a 2.5km course around Aspire grounds.

In the men´s race, defending champion Anthony Migliozzi (USA) found his way back on the podium. Migliozzi won in a time of 2:55:02. Tyler Andrews (USA) finished in second place with Collen Makaza (ZIM) finishing third in times of 2:56:04 and 2:56:58 respectively.
Makaza had taken an early lead in the race along with Zivanai Portpher Dombojena (ZIM) and Sharabutu Philips (NGR). The race conditions were warm and the early fast pace slowed some of the runners down. By the half way mark the lead group had four runners in the mix with Philips dropping back and Migliozzi along with Andrews moving up to the front.

Andrews took the lead along with Makaza right behind him at the 27.5km mark making a firm move but the lead was short lived as Migliozzi having won here in 2015 stayed within striking distance and at 35km mark moved past the two leaders to take the lead for good.

Towards the end Migliozzi finished strong holding on to his lead, Andrews finishing in the second place spot and Makaza took home the bronze.

In the women´s race, Risper Kimaiyo (KEN) won the gold medal in time of 3:22:45. Nele Alder-Baers (GER) finished in the silver medal spot and Amy Clements (GBR) took the bronze running times of 3:25:53 and 3:26:17 respectively.

At the start Badung Deborah (NGR) took the early lead through the first 15kms. Kimayio ran second through these laps. Khishigsaikhan Galbadrakh (MGL) and Petra Pastorova (CZE) ran in tandem chasing the top two runners and took the lead of the race themselves close to the halfway point.

At the 27.5km mark Kimayio took the lead moving past Deborah. Alder-Barens and Clements were also making their moves behind in the race and they started moving in the podium spots in the last fifth of the race.

At the end Kimayio won gold, followed by Alder-Bearns finishing in second place and Clements in third.

In the men´s team competition, United States of America finished first in a time of 8:56:37. Great Britain and Germany finishing second and third in times of 8:59:29 and 9:45:58 respectively. In the women´s team competition, Great Britain took home the gold in 10:36:01. United Stated of America won silver running 10:40:00 and Croatia the bronze with a time of 11:26:36.

The top five individual runners also won prize money that was given by the Local Organizing Committee.

Nadeem Khan
Director of Comunications

Results 2nd IAU 50km World Championships . Men:

1. Tony Migliozzi (USA) 2:54:02

2. Tyler Andrews (USA) 2:56:04

3. Collen Makaza (ZIM) 2:56:58

4. Nao Kazami (JPN) 2:57:47

5. Andrew Davies (GBR) 2:58:25


1. Riser Kimayio (KEN) 3:22:45

2. Nele Alder-Baerns (GER) 3:25:53

3. Amy Clements (GBR) 3:26:17

4. Heather Tanner (USA) 3:29:01

5. Rebecca Hilland (GBR) 3:34:08

Men´s Team:. 1. United States of America 8:56:37

2. Great Britain 8:59:29

3. Germany 9:45:58

Women´s Team:. 1. Great Britain 10:36:01

2. United States of America 10:40:00

3. Croatia 11:26:36