IAU Asian & Oceania 24H Championships

IAU 24 Hour Asia and Oceania Championships – Results. One Japanese runner prevented Australia taking a complete clean sweep at the inaugural 24H Asia and Oceania Championships in Kaohsiung, TPE, last weekend.

For the men Takayoshi Shigemi (JPN ) [230.794 km] took second place to Barry Loveday (AUS) Gold Medal [235.868 km] with John Pearson (AUS) in bronze position. [224.849 km] Australia won the men’s team race with Chinese Taipei second and South Korea completing the rostrum.

In the Ladies’ race there was a clean sweep for the Australians with Nikki Wynd in gold medal position [209.497 km] and Nicole Barker with silver and Sharon Scholz in bronze. Not surprisingly therefore Australian took the Women team top trophy with Chinese Taipei also completing a team.

The full results for both races are attached here.

Of particular note in the open race, the male open category was won by Shingo Inoue with 236.982 km – just 1.12 km further than the IAU Gold medal winner. The full open race results are also attached here for the men and here for the women.

Congratulation to all the winners and participants in the Championships and open races.

Hilary Walker
IAU General Secretary

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