Media Report IAU 24 Hour World Championships

Hara and Nagy top runners at the 11th IAU 24 Hour World Championships. The 11th edition of the 24 Hour World Championships takes place in Turin, Italy April 11-12th 2015. the race will also host the 20th European Championships.

The race takes place on a 1700m course and starts at 10am local time. The IAU will be breaking several records at these championships with a total of three hundred and thirty seven athletes (337) representing forty one (41) countries.

The male and female winners, Jon Olsen (USA) and Mami Kudo (JPN) are not entered in this year’s competition.

In the men’s field, Yoshikazu Hara (JPN) tops the field with a distance of 285.366km. Christian Fatton (SUI) is the second best in the field with 282.200km followed by Ricardo Rojas Peredo (ARG) having completed 277.534km. Lubomir Hrmo (SVK) with 270.388km and Ivan Cudin (ITA) having run 266.702km are in the field as well.

In the women’s field, Katalin Nagy (USA) with 243.720km is the best runner in the field. She is followed by Australian teammates Deb Nicholl and Bernadette Benson with distances of 239.564km and 238.261km respectively. Traci Falbo (USA) with 237.660km and Fiona Ross (GBR) who has run 233.018km are also in the field.
The field looks very competitive with several runners within kilometers of each other going into the main event this weekend.
This is the last 24 Hour World Championships before it goes into an alternate year format (with the 100km) starting in 2016.

Top Men:
1) Yoshikazu Hara JPN 285.366km
2) Christian Fatton SUI 282.200km
3) Ricardo Rojas Peredo ARG 277.534km
4) Lubomir Hrmo SVK 270.388km
5) Ivan Cudin ITA 266.702km

Top Women:
1) Katalin Nagy USA 243.720km
2) Deb Nicholl AUS 239.564km
3) Bernadette Benson AUS 238.261km
4) Traci Falbo USA 237.660km
5) Fiona Ross GBR 233.018km

Nadeem Khan
Director of Communications

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