IAU 24H World Championships

IAU 24H World and European Championships, Turin, 11/12th April 2015. Final GIS The Organising Committee have issued the final version of the GIS. The key element is that the bank details have been changed.

The final version of the GIS has been issued with the new details of the local organising committee, the key contact points for accommodation and transport and the bank details for those federations who have still to pay for their accommodation. Any final details of timings and ceremonies etc will be available on arrival. The LOC will ensure shuttle pick ups from the airport for all delegations as long as the arrival details are known.

FIDAL and CUS have been working very closely with us to get the best conditions available for the championships under some difficult circumstances. Team managers are reminded about the conditions stated in full in the FEF forms about the allocation of rooms/accommodation depending on availability and we will work around the need for athletes to be in the best condition to race what will be a very exciting competition.

Hilary Walker
IAU General Secretary

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