IAU 24H World Championships

IAU 24H World and European Championships, Turin, 11/12th April 2015. Accommodation and Course Update 2nd April 2015.Accommodation details are now being finalised for those teams who had not been invoiced and paid previously and the course details are confirmed.

Most teams have now received the estimated accounts from FIDAL/CUS Torino and should return the agreed invoice with payment as soon as possible to get the final details. For the athletes and team management, I can confirm that the course measurements have been finalised and the IAU Label awarded. Apart from the first lap, the course lap is exactly 2 km and I attach the course measurement details and the google map version. The first lap is required to accommodate the large start before the entry/exit to the stadium is used. As described in the GIS the refreshment tables will be along the length of the Viale Hugues. For those concerned about the u-turn, this section enables the course measurement to be exactly 2000m ( and 1700m for the first lap) and is at a wide section of road so that it can be taken wide if wished and I saw that it worked well for the test 6H race in March. Hilary WalkerIAU General Secretary2/4/2015

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