ATY 2014 nomination form

Nomination list for IAU Athlete of the Year Award 2014 & Voting Process. If you would like to nominate any athletes please fill the attached nomination form. Also please note that these athlete´s performances should be based in IAU-Labelled events. Deadline for nominations: Feb 1st

Nomination List for Athlete of the Year Award 2014 To refer to the voting process please see attached: IAUATY2015

The following athletes have already been, automatic, nominated due to the following criteria:

  • Top 3 finish in a Major IAU Competition (MIAUC)
  • A World’s Best Performance (WBP)

These athletes will have all the IAU labeled events listed for them in the final short-list form to be released on February 7th 2015.

Men (in alphabetical order):Phil Anthony GBR 2nd50km World Trophy Final 3:01:26Jonas Buud SWE 2nd100km World Championships 6:32:04Max King USA 1st 100km World Championships 6:27:43Collen Makaza ZIM 1st 50km World Trophy Final 3:00:40Jose Antonio Requejo ESP 3rd 100km World Championships 6:37:01Harm Sengers NED 3rd 50km World Trophy Final 3:05:01 Women (in alphabetical order):Ellie Greenwood GBR 1st 100km World Championships 7:30:48Emily Harrison USA 1st 50km World Trophy Final 3:32:27Catrin Jones CAN 3rd 50km World Trophy Final 3:37:54Chiyuki Mochizuki JPN 2nd100km World Championships 7:38:23Joasia Zakrzewski GBR 2nd50km World Trophy Final 3:33:20/3rd 100km World Championships 7:42:02

Everyone is invited to nominate other athletes (see the ´nomination form´ beneath).
However, please do not submit names from the list above as they have already automatic nomination on the short list.

Nadeem Khan
Director of Communications

To NOMINATE YOUR "athlete(s) of the year" : just fill in the fields in the form below!
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You can always nominate again, but only the last nomination will be the definitive one!

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