Career Award

IAU Career Award Announced & Call for Committee MembersThis year IAU will be initiating an Annual Career Award dedciated for tireless ultrarunning enthusiasts who have worked long and hard to increase the profile of international ultrarunning.

This Award will be given to inidividual(s) who have gone beyond their call of duty and have worked really hard in developing and promoting the sport over the years.

In respect to this, we are looking for four (4) committee members, one from each of our Areas (Asia, Africa & Oceania, Europe, Americas), to join myself (Chair) and Hilary Walker, General Secretary of IAU, on the Committee to recommend nominations to the IAU Council.

We will accept nominations to the committee on a first come first served basis. The term on the committee will last for two years. Emails for interest on the Committee should be sent to Nadeem and Hilary (

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nadeem Khan
Director of Communications

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