Update to the change in dates for the 100km World Championships

Update to the change in dates for the 100km World Championships. This is an update to the change of dates announcement yesterday on our website.

We have had questions on the logistical reasons of the changing of the dates (including the proximity of the dates to the 24hour world championships which could not be extended further) and whether this is going to be the date now (Nov 21st).

The swimming world championships (short course) are happening in Doha (Aspire) as well. The host hotel for their championships had shut down so they were moving their operations from the thursday of the race week (as originally planned on saturday Nov 28th) to our host hotel in Aspire and the facilities on site. As a result we would have had about 2500 attendees in the Athlete Village making it difficult for all of us to navigate through the crowds (race course, functions etc). Plus, both parties (IAU and LOC) want to make sure that the 100km world championships gets its due recognition and is not lost amongst other events.

Hence with this logistical issue combined with the proximity to the 24 hour event, we discussed between LOC and IAU, to prepone it by a week. We wanted to move quick on setting the dates so that you can start looking at your travel arrangements and not delay them further in case of costs.

If you have any questions, please do not hesiatate to contact us.

Nadeem Khan
Director of Communications

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