Change of date for the 100km World Championships (Doha, Qatar)

Change of date for the 100km World Championships (Doha, Qatar)Due to logistical reasons and the proximity of the 24 Hour World Championships to the original 100km date, we discussed with the LOC to change the date for the 100km World Championships.

The race will be preponed by a week to Nov 21st 2014. It will still take place in Doha, Qatar. We did not want to venture too far off from the original announced date and at the same time have some gap between the two championships (and also the Trophy Final also happening in Doha).

I had very productive set of meetings on site for the last two days in Doha and we have had the contracts signed for both the 50km World Trophy Final and the 100km World Championships by the LOC (Apsire). First draft of GIS is almost complete and member federations should receive the documents (including PEFs and invitations) a bit earlier than the set-time this year. All dates are now confirmed.

General Information Sheet and the relevant documents will be available in the next two months. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nadeem Khan
Director of Communications

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