Nadeem Khan, IAU President


Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist Running/Ultrarunning


Ran twice for Canada at the 24 Hour World Championships (Taipei: 2006, Drummondville: 2007)

Director of Media and Communications Commonwealth Association of Mountain and Ultradistance Runners (CAMUR)

Chair, Medical Committee CAMUR

Vice President of the Association of Canadian Ultramarathoners (ACU)

Assistant Team Manager of the Canadian National Ultramarathon Team

Chair, Medical Committee ACU Favourite thing about ultrarunning: Camaraderie that exists between athletes/federations and the will to accomplish anything on any given day!

How/where do you see ultrarunning in the future? To move forward with leaps and bounds combined with entering mainstream athletics. Bigger stages such as the Olympics and Commonwealth Championships are next steps forward in the evolution of this sport.