IAU 6H Virtual Global Solidarity Run 29th/30th August 2020

We understand very well that athletes need to have some motivation to train and compete during these difficult times but need to do so safely. The majority of our ultrarunning federations have been drastically affected by the Covid-19 crisis. Regretfully, we have needed to cancel most of our championships this year which has led to athletes losing their goals and short-term ambitions. In the spirit of universal camaraderie and uplifting of the morale, we have planned a virtual "IAU 6 Hour Global Solidarity Run" for our ultrarunning family to engender athletic interest and friendly global fun.

IAU 6 Hour Invitation

"Ultrarunners are extremely resilient individuals. It is understandable if the morale is not high right now due to cancellation of championships. But I also know that post-pandemic we will come stronger than before.

IAU 6Hr Global Solidarity Run on Aug 29-30 will be a celebration of the camaraderie amongst our IAU Family highlighting our resilience and our will to continue to work towards our goals. I will be lacing up my shoes to run with my colleagues on the IAU Council Team. Stay Strong, Stay Safe and Stay Motivated!" – Nadeem Khan, IAU President

Please see theinvitation for our IAU Virtual 6H Global Solidarity Run which will take place on 29th/30th August 2020. It would be great if federation will encourage some of ultra distance athletes to take part as a sign of solidarity during these difficult times.

The invitation and registration form were provided to your Federations so please get in touch with them. Deadline for submission entry form by Federation is July 31st.


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