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News: 30 June 2020

IAU Technical Education

IAU Technical Education. One of our main objectives is to promote and develop long distance running worldwide by encouraging specific activities in each of the IAAF Continental Areas. At the same time IAU is trying to give back to our ultra-running community as much as possible. This is why the IAU Technical Committee will launch the Technical Education in 2019. It will be great opportunity to share our expert experience with you and gives you the chance to become an “IAU Technical Delegate”. All our Technical Delegates need to have been trained as technical officials in their own country up to national standard (i.e. race referee/judge for national championships) or Race Directors with experience in IAU Label Races.


IAU Labelled Races. We have revised the criteria for IAU labels for ultradistance races to improve the standards of the events and the accessibility for race organisers and for the link to the form click below.

News: 18 January 2021

IAU Labelling Committee January Virtual Call

IAU Labelling Committee – first Virtual Call on Jan 16th, 2021 The IAU Labelling Committee was established in January 2021 and on January 16th, 2021 the first virtual call took place. There were representatives from the Committee and IAU on the call.

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