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IAU 100 km Americas Championship - race report

Felipe Coast da Silva and Helen Cristina Caldera Deluque both from Brazil won the Championship. Brazil won Men Team and Argentina Women Team competition.
It is new chapter in ultrarunning history for South America. For the first time we had opportunity to have IAU Championship here and it was great success.
Brazil and CBAT host Athletes from the region and it was big milestone with sport development for South America.

Felipe Coast da Silva and Helen Cristina Caldera Deluque both from Brazil won the Championship. Felipe within 7:11:41 and Helen 9:02:15. In team standing Brazil won the men category and Argentina women category. In total 17 women and 17 men from 5 countries completed the Championship. Brazilian team dominated the competition having individually 2 gold and 1 bronze medal and in team competition gold and silver. Argentina took 2 silver medals individually and gold and silver in team standing. Mexico had 2 medal, both being bronze (1 individually and 1 for team). Uruguay won bronze in team standing.  
"We wake up today looking forward to the accelerated growth and development of ultrarunning in South America after the very successful IAU 100km Americas Championships in Brazil. The organization of the event has further solidified the cooperation within the Americas member federations, increased networking amongst the races and opened avenues for athletes to participate in future competitions in the region."

Nadeem Khan - IAU President


Final results


1. Felipe Costa da Silva (BRA) 7:11:41

2. Pedro Agustín Moran Salas (ARG) 7:38:32

3. Eduardo Silverio Calixto (BRA) 7:46:14


1. Helen Cristina Caldera Deluque (BRA) 9:02:15

2. Claudia Robles (ARG) 9:04:17

3. Gabriela Ramirez (MEX) 9:21:04

Team Men

1. Brazil 24:05:35

2. Argentina 25:37:40

3. Mexico 31:45:50

Team Women

1. Argentina 28:33:59

2. Brazil 28:48:33

3. Uruguay 34:45:50

Photo: men individual medalist 

Photo: women individual medalist

Photo: Men Team medals

Photo: Women Team medals


From early stage of men competition Felipe from Brazil took lead to the race and he never gave up his leading position. It was outstanding performance and fantastic result taking into account hot weather condition. Within the first 5 hours we had 3 runners representing Brazil on top 3 position. This change after that time point mark when Pedro Agustín Moran Salas manage to move to 3rd position. This was the turning point when futur medalists of the Championship start fighting for the podium. Eduardo Silverio Calixto was another runner who push strong and manage to keep medal position. 

Photo: Felipe Coast da Silva crossing finish line

It was hot day, over 25 C degree, reaching over 30 C degree in the middle of the race so it was great weather for supporters but not so easy for the Athletes. Some of them struggle and for some it was opportunity to secure medal.  

Photo: during the race

In the women competition it was not as clear as for men. Helen Cristina Caldera Deluque open the lead in the early stage but she lost this position after 3 hours in favour of Claudia Robles from Argentina. On top 3 we had as well Celina Bentrán another Argentinian Athlete. After 4 hours mark Cielina was took over by Gabriela Ramirez from Mexico and Claudia was still leading the race. Over the time those 3 Athletes secure their top 3 position but it was constant fight for the win between Claudia and Helen. After 6 hours they were just over 1 minute away from each other. This battle continue till the end. finally Helen manage to take over Claudia and won the Championship just over 2 min 2 sec ahead of second place. 


Photo: Helen Cristina Caldera Deluque

Photo: top 2 women together at finish line

Team competition was set from early stage due to the fact that limited number of Federation participate in the Championship. 

We would like to that this opportunity and thank BR135 the Local Orgaisation Committee, Bertioga in Sao Paulo and their officials, Brazilian Athletics Federation, Athletes, Team management, Supporters for having outstanding event in Brazil. We had fantastic Championship with great results and step forward in the running development for the region. 

Photo: Francisco Sanchez-Rico closing ceremony

Jacek Bedkowski

IAU Director of Communication

More photo below

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