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Race report for Sri Chinmoy 100 km – New Zealand 100 km Championships

Race name: Sri Chinmoy 100 km – New Zealand 100 km Championships

Race place and date: Christchurch, New Zealand, 6th May 2018

Race distance and label: 100 km IAU Bronze Label Event

The Sri Chinmoy Ultramarathon is an annual event which is also held in conjunction with the Athletics New Zealand 100 km Championships. The course is a 2.5 km loop which is located in the picturesque surroundings of Hagley Park, Christchurch.


Larissa Tichon, time 9:14:08 (Sydney Striders, AUS), and Wayne Botha, time 9:15:11 (Takapuna Harriers, Auckland) won the 13th Annual Sri Chinmoy 100 km Races (Athletics New Zealand 100 km National Championships) held in North Hagley Park, Christchurch on Sunday, May 6th.

The 2018 road championship started in cool, crisp conditions (8 C), which gave way to a warm, blueskied (21 C) mid-Autunm´s day Larissa, overcoming a late race mini-slump, came home powerfully to finish ahead of 2018 men´s champion Wayne and first Kiwi woman, Shannon-Leigh Litt, 9:38:21 (New Brighton Olympic and Athletic, Christchurch), who became the 2018 Athletic New Zealand 100 km women´s champion. Dual former winner, Dawn Tuffery, (Hamilton City Hawkes, Hamilton) completing 42.5 kms before stopping with a strained achilles. Men´s runner-up David O´Sullivan, 9:37:57 (Aspiring Athletics, Wanaka) ran a steady, purposeful race. Latter, as conditions improved, David picked up the pace overtaking women´s runner-up, Shannon-Leigh Litt, in the run to the finish line. Jamie Hawker, 10:32:50 (Port Hill Athletic, Christchurch) was third placed man followed by his Port Hill Athletic team mate Paul Botha, 11:07:22.

Photo: Women Winner Larissa Tichon

In the Sri Chinmoy 100 km Team´s Race 4-man team ´Been Leaving Your Marks Behind´, time 6:46:49 (Papanui TOC H Athletic Club) established a new race record clipping just 64 seconds off the solid, previous mark set in 2012 by the "Marathon Clinic 1" team. The second placed team was 3-time defending champions ´Weekend Warriors´, 7:24:38 (Christchurch), followed by Team Vegan´, 8:57:44 (Christchurch) and the ´Hot Potatoes Team´, 9:45:04 (Christchurch).

Photo: Men Winner Wayne Botha

The Sri Chinmoy 50 km Race was won by Geoff Gilfedder, 4:02:30 (Chistchurch), who held off a last lap challenge from runner-up Ryan Wood, 4:03:26 (Christchurch). In third place was Samuel Brown, 4:22:18 (Christchurch).

Simahin Pierce (Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team)

Link to the results

Female top results

  1. Larissa Tichon 9:14:08 – Sydney Striders (Australia)
  2. Shannon-Leigh Litt 9:38:31 - New Brighton Olympic Athletic Club (New Zealand)
  3. Dawn Tuffery 3:45:20 (42.5km) - Hamilton City Hawkes (New Zealand)

Male top results

  1. Wayne Botha 9:15:11 – Takapuna Harriers (New Zealand)
  2. David O´Sullivan 9:37:57 – Aspiring Athletics Club (New Zealand)
  3. Jamie Hawker 10:32:50 – Port Hills Athletic Club (New Zealand)
  4. Paul Botha 11:07:04 – Port Hills Athletic Club (New Zealand)
  5. Mike Field 11:14:17 – (New Zealand)

Prepare by: Wayne Botha


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